While most people think of Spree as a fun event that happens each year at the end of June, a special group of Livonia residents has a very different take on this annual
celebration of Livonia’s founding as a city.

The members of the Spree Board and Committee (and in many cases their spouses and friends) work year-round to produce a memorable festival each year. The work involved is similar to running a small business, and each June, rain or shine, the show must go on.

Board Members       

Dan Spurling, President

Rich Skaggs, 1st Vice President

Bill Fried, 2nd Vice President

Richard Nogas, Secretary

Brian Duggan, Treasurer

Mayor Dennis Wright

Mayoral Designee Linda Mccann

Council Representative: Kathleen McIntyre, Cathy White

Keith Appel, Mike Arakelian, Bob Biga, Sam Caramagno,

Jason Claypoole, Doug Couts, Jeff Danke, 

John Grzebik, Karen Kapchonick, Jim Keller,

Paul Mallie, Andy Mehelich, Harry Tatigian.

Committee Members

Mary Baeske, Jessie Claypoole, Chris Diponio, Lauran Danke,

Gary Dushane, Nikki Mehelich, Mike Reiser, Todd Rogman,

Karen Schramm, Carrie Spurling, Nevada Steele, Mark Taormina,

Dan Wenderlich.

The Spree Board and Committee would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the hundreds of folks who volunteer their time and talents to help produce a successful Spree each year. You drive the Shuttle vans, sell and serve the beer, help with set-up and take-down, assist in the Spree office, flip the pan- cakes, corral the kiddies, and do a zillion other things that are so very necessary.